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About the NJ Clutter Queen

When I came to America as an au pair, the family that hosted me had four children. My job requirement was to take care of the children, drop them off to school and pick them up. I was not required to do any housekeeping. One day I decided to rearrange the children’s room, cleaned my host mother’s room, home office, kitchen and basement.

In the basement I created a space for the kids to play. When she came back home, she was very impressed to see her home looking organized and cleaned. She said to her children, “Please do not mess up Sindi’s Touch!” A week later she recommended me to clean and organize her mother’s house.  Her mother was very impressed with my work. She started asking me if I would like to start a cleaning business and at the time it was just a joke.

A year after my first daughter was born I looked into doing housekeeping for friends and other people I was referred to by friends. I worked in a preschool as a kindergarten teacher. I arranged my own classroom without any guidance and every professional that went in my classroom came out very impressed with the room arrangement and layout.

Throughout the years, when I do my home spring cleaning I always look up new ideas online to rearrange my rooms and how to keep my home organized. One day I went online and came across a site that had a questionnaire. The key question was, ”Do you have a passion for home organizing?” That, caught my attention so much and I answered “yes” to all the home organizing questions.  At the end of the questionnaire there was a recommendation for a course titled, “How to become a professional organizer”.

In 2011 I enrolled with QC Design School as an Advanced International Professional Organizer and I registered as a member of National Association for Professional Organizers. In 2012 I started Sindi’s Touch and the first thing that came to my mind was the lady who inspired me to love organizing.  I named my business “Sindi’s Touch.” The “Clutter Queen” came up from my friend “ Muju” who is also my great inspiration. I graduated from QC Design School in 2013. In June 2014 I registered my organizing business as Sindi’s Touch Clutter Queen LLC.

Advanced International Organizing Professional