Hair Salon

We meet new small business owners of hair salon who have great ideas on how to operate a hair salon but have no idea on how arrange the furniture and supplies. Some hair salons have small space and have no space for the client consultation. The clutter queen  steps in to create the consultation space and the office space. Our room arrangement services is always available for these situations.


Many clients we meet experienced different kinds of life transition and they start to avoid their kitchen and want to transform it to a Mc Donald and Dunkin  Donuts andby lose interest in cooking. Sindi’s touch understands how stress can make you avoid your kitchen. The clutter queen and team steps in and organize your kitchen and make you love it again.


Home Office


Mail, papers, books can start to be very overwhelming. Finding the space and filing system in your home can be challenging especially with small spaces. We can help you create an office space and help you organize your papers and books as well.



In the event of any life transition, physical and emotional clutter is most likely to kick in. It can be challenging to even sleep in your bedroom. You can start to buy new clothes for work every week because you cannot find the outfit you desire to wear. Our closet organizing service with  the clutter queen is available to organize your closet and create a conducive atmosphere in your bedroom.