Our Services

Coaching and Counseling

After losing my husband, it became my mission to help others work through the grief of their life situation. I am currently going through Life Transition Specialty and Grief Counseling certifications.

Relocation Services

Our relocation service begins with a telephone consultation followed by an in-home assessment process, whereby we sit down with the client to get an idea of how to help minimize stress during the relocation time. With the client’s consent, we take pictures of the areas that need organization for the purposes of designing a working plan for the family. We assist the client with purging, sorting, and arranging to take items that need to be donated to charity.

Unpacking and Packing Service

We offer unpacking service for families that are moving in and out of their home. We take the items out of the boxes and organize them to where they belong. We also assist with packing items for the move out.

Residential Service

A telephone consultation followed by an in-home consultation to assess the area and to listen to the client’s needs. With the client’s consent, we take pictures to help us to design a working plan. We assist the client with purging, sorting and arranging for donation to charity.
Room Arrangement
We offer room arrangement to help the client with the space that looks like impossible to work with and we make it possible to work with as “We Create and Organize.”


This is the service where we guide our clients with the strategies on how to be clutter free and to stay organized.

Description of the jobs in portfolio


We began the process by an in-home consultation to assess the client’s needs. We took before pictures of the closet so we can work with them as we are creating a working plan for the client. We organize the closet and offer recommendations for storage and organizing equipment that can keep the closet clutter free.


We began the process by a walk-in consultation; we took before pictures of the entire kitchen. The client had cooking utensils, tools in different areas. The items were hard to reach. We worked on a plan, purge, sort, and arrange every item according to catergories.The clutter queen and team came to the client’s rescue by creating space and organize.

Hair Salon

The client started a new business of hair salon; she did not have any space for her client consultation. The clutter queen came to her rescue. We began the process with a walk thru consultation whereby we assessed the client’s needs. Her salon was very busy; she did not have time to organize her products and tools she uses for her clients.
We started by sorting, arranging and organizing her storage area .We also recommended storage equipment that would work best for her business.

Our Policy

We make it our business to keep our client’s confidentiality as top priority.
Pictures /photos
Pictures or photos will be taken and collected only with the client’s consent and will not be shared with the third party. With the client’s permission, we may ask to use the pictures to improve our services.
Our time and your time is very precious to us and we take it very seriously .We secure the spot for the client only.
If for any reason you cannot meet your scheduled appointment, we require a 48 hour notice for cancellation.

Sorting and Organizing