Our Services:

Relocation Services:

Unpacking and Packing Service:

We offer unpacking service for families that are moving in and out of their home. We take the items out of the boxes and organize them to where they belong. We also assist with packing items for the move out.

      Room Arrangement:

  • We offer room arrangement for move in clients.
  • We create space and organize.



    • This service, we guide our clients with the strategies on how to be clutter free and to stay organized.
    • We take away the stress and the overwhelming feeling by offering suggestions to practical solutions. 

    Unique Steps:

  • Free  20 minutes discovery call.
  • In Home or Virtual 90 minutes customized assessment ($225.00 non refundable fee is required at the time of booking).
  • Hands on with the project.

Our Policy

We make it our business to keep our client’s confidentiality as top priority.

Pictures /photos
Pictures or photos will be taken and collected only with the client’s consent and will not be shared with the third party. With the client’s permission, we may ask to use the pictures to improve our services.

Our time and your time is very precious to us and we take it very seriously .We secure the spot for the client only.
If for any reason you cannot meet your scheduled appointment, we require a 48 hour notice for cancellation.